Upload files to Dropbox via email with Send to Dropbox

If you're looking for a simpler way to send content directly to Dropbox, Send to Dropbox has you covered. This free service generates an email address, and any attachments sent to that address are automatically saved to Dropbox.

Getting started with Send to Dropbox is a breeze: You just connect it to your Dropbox account and it instantly generates an email address for you. Remembering this may be a challenge, though. My address contained a short but random string of numbers and letters.

Upgrading to the $29-per-year Pro account gives you the option of customizing your email address, which is a nice feature for business users, especially those who may want to share the address with colleagues. The Pro account also lets you create multiple addresses, and an email whitelist, so you can control who can send files to your Dropbox.

By default, Send to Dropbox saves your files to a new folder it creates in your Dropbox called "Apps/Attachments." You can change this filename and add subfolders that contain the name of the sender and the subject line, if you prefer. However, you can't share this folder with other Dropbox users, as it is a special type of folder for Dropbox applications.

In my tests, all of the attachments sent to my Send to Dropbox address appeared in Dropbox almost instantly, and were organized in the folders I'd selected. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to send files to Dropbox, Send to Dropbox can't be beat.

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