Don't fall for these top job-hunting myths

Debunking popular misconceptions surrounding recruiters, job boards

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Relying on long-standing job-hunting misconceptions is as unproductive as submitting a years-old resume with no updates or editing.

One of the most popular fallacies: Posting your resume to a jobs board will get you hired.

Staffing and careers expert Arnie Fertig says it’s “generally accepted” that only 1 in 10 companies or recruiters fill a position through a jobs board.

Another concern with jobs databases:

"Job board resumes are time-stamped, so the older ones raise red flags," he tells U.S. News & World Report. "Even those employers who are seeking talent through this medium flock to the latest and greatest. It doesn't take long for hiring authorities to begin to think: 'Why hasn't this person got a job already? There must be some problem with him or her.' "

Even worse, when you upload a resume, it has to cover all bases, making it nearly impossible to customize it for different openings, thereby lessening your chance of it even being found, not to mention read.

Another popular misbelief: Recruiters, career counselors or coaches will get you a job.

Fertig says it's imperative job seekers understand that recruiters' main loyalty is to their corporate client, not you.

"Recruiters identify and present top-tier talent to their clients. They get paid when their client hires someone they've brought to their attention," he says.

And while career counselors or coaches will give you great information and advice on conducting a search, interviewing, or your resume, job hunters need to take ownership of the process, Fertig emphasizes.

"Don't fall prey to the notion that a recruiter, career counselor or coach will 'get' you a job. While in one way or another they might be great resources, you need to own and take responsibility for your job search from beginning to end. Your job is to get a job, and you should devote the same energy and creativity to it that you would provide to any employer," he notes.

via U.S. News & World Report

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