The best font type, size for your resume

How font type and size can affect your job prospects

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You want your resume to stand out, but experts say you should resist the temptation to do that through a unique font.

Yes, the document would look different, but writer Umer Anis says a creative look comes with a price and could hurt the chances of your resume advancing to a hiring manager.

"Often resumes are read by applicant tracking systems, and sometimes unique fonts can not be read," he notes. "Even bullet points can cause problems. A job recruiter would rather read a good, clean resume that is easy to read."

Anis suggests a type size of 10 to 14 pt and a font that can be easily read, such as Times New Roman.

Sure, it's not sexy, but it is readable and that's what matters in the end. What good is a perfectly written resume if it's visually unappealing? Bottom line: It won't get read - by human or machine.

Also, don’t be concerned about a larger type size making your resume longer.

"Some people think that a CV has to be a single page, but this is not true," he notes. "If it’s necessary, it is better to use two pages than to scramble everything together on one page in tiny letters."

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