Improve job-hunting, networking efficiency with Google's Canned Responses

Save time by enabling and using this keystroke-saving app.

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If you're a Gmail user, Google Labs' Canned Responses feature can save you a lot of time, effort and keystrokes in your job search or networking. As Google Labs describes it: "E-mail for the truly lazy."

The feature is a way to stop typing out the same information over and over again - common replies, answers, comments, requests, etc.

If you're job hunting, Canned Responses could include your background, the job you're looking for, contact information, recent work experience, your references' contact information, an introduction to yourself, etc.

Alex Cavoulacos over at The Daily Muse found more than two-dozen scenarios in which Canned Responses can be helpful.

His rule of thumb: "If I’ve had to type out exactly the same thing more than once in one day, it becomes a canned response."

The feature would also help you maintain your networking. For instance, create a CR, "Networking" and type "Saw this, thought of you" or "Check this out." Whenever you see a link you want to pass along to a contact, just choose that Canned Response, paste the link and you're done.

New to Canned Responses? Here's how to enable them:

  • Head into Gmail, click the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • On the drop-down, choose Settings.
  • Under Settings, click on the Labs tab.
  • Scroll down the alphabetical list to Canned Responses and click the Enable radio button.

Once the feature is enabled, you can insert a CR or make a new one by opening a new message. At the lower right corner is a pull-down arrow to the right of the trash can. Open it and it will list your current Canned Responses or let you create a new one.

via The Daily Muse

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