Customer experience means never having to repeat yourself –

At Bank of America, there's a simple metric for measuring customer experience: how well a customer's interaction compares to his expectations. But simple doesn't mean easy. Consumers assess their experience against all kinds of companies, not just other banks, says Hari Gopalkrishnan, Bank of America's managing director of ecommerce, architecture and consumer segments technology. "They're comparing us to Apple and Amazon and the premium customer-service organizations." That's pressure.

For the past two years, the bank has been rolling out new customer-facing features and rethinking back-end systems to improve customer experience across channels.

Last April, the $84.2 billion company introduced ATMs with Teller Assist, which makes tasks like cashing a check--which would usually have to happen during banker's hours because they require a physical exchange with a teller--available to customers anytime they want.

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