BlackBerry wristwatch coming soon - report

A BlackBerry-obsessed web site called posted today what the writer says are pictures of a new BlackBerry wristwatch designed and built by Research In Motion (RIM), the company that makes BlackBerrys. Is it real? And, if so, is it good?

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The dark, cynical side of me says that the so-called BlackBerry Wristwatch would be something akin to the Palm Foleo, the ill-fated netbook that required a Palm Treo for Internet connectivity. Why? Because here you have a wristwatch cell phone with no built-in cell phone (just as the Foleo was a netbook with no "net" beyond what was provided via a nearby Palm phone.) The other problem with such a device is what I call the Solar Jacket Paradox. Sure, solar jackets and purses are cool and useful. But who is going to buy clothing or accessories from a "designer" geeky enough to sell such products? Likewise, how many people are willing to buy a wristwatch from a cell phone company? On the other hand, this is RIM we're talking about. Like the iPhone, the BlackBerry is a religion, with a devoted following. I can easily see die-hard CrackBerry addicts clamoring for a peripheral device for their phones. According to the photos, the watch has a relatively huge screen (which makes the watch big and bulky). The whole purpose of the watch is to use a Bluetooth connection to preview incoming messages, see who's calling and keep up with RSS feeds -- in other words, it's a second screen for your phone. What's your opinion? If you're a BlackBerry user, would you want such a device? Please let me know in the comments area.

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