The end of Microsoft or a new beginning?

In today's open source roundup: Is the end in sight for Microsoft? Plus: Makulu Linux 6 MATE for Windows XP users, and the slowness of Android updates

There's no doubt in anybody's mind that the last ten years or so have been very difficult for Microsoft. The computing world has changed around them while they've been mired in their Windows-first mentality. Techpinions takes a look at the last ten years of failure by Microsoft and thinks it might mark a new beginning.

Microsoft – like World War II Japanese soldiers stranded on deserted islands – continued to pretend the war was ongoing while everyone else went about the business of post-war reconstruction. Not only had Microsoft lost the post-PC wars, but their insistence the world was still fighting the PC wars jeopardized their possibilities in the post-post-PC world, as well.

Strategy is about choices, about making the hard decisions and about focus. Microsoft’s response to iOS and Android might be described as an anti-strategy. They chose not to choose, they decided not to decide, they focused on everything (which is to say that they focused on nothing).

Microsoft wanted to be Google so they created Bing

Microsoft wanted to be Microsoft so they licensed their OS software

Microsoft wanted to be a monopoly so they ported their desktop OS to tablets

Microsoft wanted to be iOS so they created Windows Phone 7, then 8

Microsoft wanted to be in tablets so the created Windows RT

Microsoft wanted to be the iPad so they created the Surface

Microsoft wanted to be Apple so they restructured their company along functional lines

Microsoft wanted to be the iPhone so they bought Nokia

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The End of Microsoft?
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The article ends on an optimistic note about Microsoft's new strategy. However, I think it's far too early to make any kind of judgements about Microsoft's future. We'll know in a few years if they've made any progress, but right now the jury is still out on their new CEO.

Makulu Linux 6 MATE

ZDNet takes a look at Makulu Linux 6 MATE and thinks it could be an excellent option for Windows XP users looking to move to Linux.

Here's the bottom line. Makulu Linux 6 MATE rocks. It's solid, it's easy, it's beautiful, and it's fun. The amount of work that has been put into it is obvious. I started this post by asking if this might be a good path to Linux for Windows XP users. Now I can answer that - and not only for XP users, but for anyone else as well. Try it.

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Makulu Linux 6 MATE
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You can download the MATE, XFCE or KDE versions of Makulu from its site. There are also forums available there if you require assistance or feedback.

Heartbleed and Android updates

ZDNet also has a disturbing report about the slowness of Android updates in the wake of the Heartbleed bug.

From an Android perspective, it was lucky that Heartbleed did not impact the version of Android used by any Samsung flagship phones, or even Android 4.1.2. Stakeholders in Android need to inform consumers on what would happen if a major security issue in the kernel were to impact a widely-used Android release.

As it stands, the experience with the 4.1.1 patch has been less than great. Google is up to speed, it's everyone else involved that is dragging the chain. Should handset manufacturers and telcos continue to be less than expedient, Google needs to develop a way to unilaterally protect its users — and while it may seem drastic, it would merely put Google on par with its competitors.

A bullet was dodged by Android this time, the next time a similar incident happens, it might not be so lucky.

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It's troubling to read that Android updates are still so slow to come, even in a bad situation like the Heartbleed vulnerability. I hope Google is able to do something soon to seize control of updates from other companies that are slowing everything down.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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