Mozilla under attack for including Adobe DRM in Firefox

In today's open source roundup: Should Mozilla include Adobe DRM in Firefox? Plus: Switching from Windows XP to Linux Mint, and a Linux world map

Digital Rights Management technology has never been welcomed or appreciated by most of the open source community. And now Mozilla is being smacked around by some open source advocates for including Adobe's DRM in Firefox. But did Mozilla really have a choice in the matter or was it a foregone conclusion that DRM would eventually be added to Firefox?

According to Venture Beat:

Unfortunately for Mozilla, the open source community is less than sympathetic to their plight. In a press release the Free Software Foundation writes, “Nearly everyone who implements DRM says they are forced to do it, and this lack of accountability is how the practice sustains itself.”

In the eyes of open source advocates, Adobe is an evil nemesis. Fundamentally they stand for two different things: Adobe promotes the use of closed-source proprietary software and open-source advocates support software that is free, open, and community built. Mozilla’s support of DRM comes after Tim Berners-Lee’s addition of DRM to HTML5, the internet’s core coding technology, and essentially adds insult to injury.

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Adobe DRM in Mozilla Firefox
Image credit: Venture Beat

I actually mentioned this in yesterday's roundup, and I knew Mozilla was going to get hammered for it. But to me it seems clear that Mozilla was stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they kept Adobe's DRM out of Firefox then they ran the risk of losing users to other browsers. If they put it in then they were going to get attacked for doing so by some folks that loathe Adobe and DRM in general.

There really was no way for Mozilla to win in this situation. It will be interesting to see if Mozilla sticks to its guns or eventually backs off on its decision. You can get Mozilla's side of the story on the Mozilla blog entry about DRM.

Switching from Windows XP to Linux Mint

The Practical Computer has an article about switching from Windows XP to Linux Mint.

According to Practical Computer:

Goodbye Windows XP. It's been a great ride!

Microsoft gave ample notice of when they would stop supporting XP. Even so, Windows XP is still installed on millions of computers. When Microsoft announced that all versions of Internet Explorer had a zero day vulnerability, they made an exception to make the patch available to XP after it's end of support date.

That gave me the push to install Linux Mint. There are many reasons people are clinging to XP, but my reason was simple. I don't want to buy another new PC. I only recently bought a new Windows 7 desktop. But I have another desktop and two laptops. My other desktop and one of my laptops were still running Windows XP and neither one had the specs to run Windows 7 or Windows 8. Or to run them well. Enter Linux!

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Switch from Windows XP to Linux Mint
Image credit: Practical Computer

It's great to see Windows XP users moving over to Linux, and Linux Mint is a fine choice for their computers. I suspect they'll be quite happy with it in place of Windows XP. Hopefully we'll see lots more XP users making the switch in the days ahead. My only question is: What took you guys so long? Heh.

A Linux world map

Check out a Linux world map. I love how this looks.

More at Deviant ArtHat Tip: BinaryTides
A Linux World Map
Image credit: FabianInostroza

The map is very well done, and also quite funny. According to the original article, it's a redo of this image (which is also great).

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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