Sony PSPgo leaked, legit

Someone just couldn't wait to share the news that the much-rumored Sony PSPgo is legit.

Qore is a monthly video-magazine released on Sony's Playstation Network (PSN). Someone at PSN HQ must've pulled the wrong lever, because the June episode is available for download now. In it, Qore host Veronica Belmont talks to SCEA Director of Hardware John Koller about the PSPgo while referring to E3 2009 as a past event. Whoops!

We've embedded the video below. The quality isn't great; clearly someone just pointed a video camera at their TV. If you listen carefully you'll get some details: 16 gigs of flash memory, bluetooth support for headsets or to tether to a cell phone. No second analog nub, no UMD drive.

Once this video leaked, official press shots followed on gaming enthusiast site Eurogamer, though whether this was via another leak or Sony throwing in the towel on the whole 'secret' thing isn't clear.

It'll be interesting to see how, or if, Sony addresses this leak during their press conference on Tuesday.

Until then, here's a couple of images, compliments of Eurogamer:


And the shaky-cam video:

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