What kind of tech etiquette offender are you?

Cell phones and other gadgets may make your life easier, they may even make you more productive, but they don't make you nicer.

A survey by staffing firm Robert Half Technology found that a majority of CIOs attribute increased instances of poor office etiquette to more frequent use of mobile electronic devices.

The survey asked 1400 CIOs to rate the effect of increased use of mobile electronic gadgets -- such as cell phones, smartphones, handheld devices and laptops -- on office etiquette in the past three years. Did the number of breaches in office etiquette increase, decrease or remain the same?

51% reported an increase in etiquette breaches, while 42% saw no change. Only 6% of respondents said that etiquette breaches decreased. And 1% didn't know, which we take to mean that they themselves are the worst offenders.

With numbers like this, the question isn't whether you're a tech-etiquette offender but what kind. Lucky for you, Robert Half has identified the 5 types of offenders -- and offers tips for changing your rude ways.

1. The Misguided Multitasker. This person thinks that e-mailing or texting during a meeting or conversation demonstrates efficiency. But others may regard it as a sign he prizes his BlackBerry more than the company he keeps. Unless you want to create potential animosity at work, use your handheld device only in an urgent situation and step out of the room to reply.


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