The Friday Freak Show

A short weekly look at weird and wonderful Google news.

Google's Street View camera car captured a crime scene in Windsor, UK, with yellow tape, pools of blood -- the works. Unfortunately, the pictures have since been removed from Google Maps.


Tech broadcasting entrepreneur Leo Laporte pointed out on Buzz this week that Google "Slankets" actually exist. Not much info on this item, but I want one.

A study by Harvard Professor Ben Edelman says Google might be making $500 million a year from typosquatters, people who deliberately register misspelled domain names.

Google and Microsoft have reportedly met to figure out how to fight terrorism. Terrorists use the Internet to recruit members, and these tech giant competitors are working together to help solve the problem.


Pakistani taxi driver Asif Hussain Shah is leveraging Google to dominate his industry -- by plastering a public request to Google him on his cab.

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