Desperate to be as cool as Polaroid, Intel hires [video]

Black Eyed Peas frontman signs up for what is clearly not just a paycheck
Credit: HighTechDad

As a kid, did you ever know someone who was so needy, so desperate to be accepted he or she relentlessly chased after the cool kids and tried to buy into their group with obsequiousness, or candy or something? Money?

Ach. Anyway, apropos of nothing... Intel announced today it hired Black Eyed Peas faceman and beatmaster to be its director of creative innovation.

You know The guy even other Peas think is cool enough to be noticeable when Fergie is onstage. He makes it look like a natural fit with Intel, right?

Intel wants to "tap into the limitless creativity brings to the table... to establish an authentic, emotional connection with consumers," the company's CMO said in the release.

The man himself didn't add many specifics to the announcement except to say he's excited to "collaborate and co-develop new ways to communicate, create, inform and entertain is going to be amazing."

The best result of the partnership would be some joint product or technology development along the lines of the camera glasses Lady Gaga introduced as the first part of a product line she designed or inspired or possibly just pointed to on the CES presentation stage as part of her gig as creative director for Polaroid.

The worst would be that Intel sucks out all the soul and sends him home looking more like Carlton than

Fortunately, just so we'll have something to remember him by, the press release had a whole series of photos of him looking like he's afraid of being mobbed to death by nerds and sharing a stage with someone so not Fergie we couldn't see past him to see who she actually was. at Intel Booth - CES 2011

They're historic pictures of course -- like shots of Elvis with Nixon, Ringo with Pizza Hut or the stumbling, felt-slippered Prince of Darkness with a dog that dog peed on the rug.

Peas fans should hang onto the photos, even though I'm sure none of that will happen to I don't even know if he has a dog.

Kevin Fogarty writes about enterprise IT for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @KevinFogarty.

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