Screen-sharing BlackBerrys, face-tracking Apple TVs, and more

Does Verizon really wanna go and dis the iPhone like that? Does the next BlackBerry share its screen?

BlackBerry 10 devices could let you show people what you’re seeing on your screen. Apple’s purported HDTV offering could see what you’re looking at. And you may not see any Verizon representatives pushing an iPhone on customers any time soon. This week’s Rumor Roundup is all about vision.

BlackBerry 10 will offer mobile screen sharing

Source: CrackBerry

Details: BlackBerry’s upcoming total OS refresh allows BlackBerry owners to share exactly what they’re seeing on their small screen out to other phones, and apparently to standard browsers, for goofy fun, presentations, walkthroughs, and other fun.

Likelihood: The screens look pretty legit. Screen-sharing is a fairly mature technology, too. The most unlikely part is the easy access from non-BlackBerry devices.

Get excited?: BlackBerry 10 certainly looks interesting, and this screen sharing app could serve as a major convenience. If your workplace is dedicated to BlackBerry and the QNX platform, it’s looking like quite the nice upgrade.

Sony Xperia Ion debuting in June, says Google ad

Source: Android Police

Details: A Google search advertisement gave away a bit more than perhaps Sony would have liked, noting that their 4.7-inch, 720p-resolution, LTE-enabled phone headed to Sprint is debuting in June, rather than the generic “Q2 of 2012” given as a date at CES.

Likelihood: Pretty good, given that the ad has now changed to read “Coming soon,” and that it’s more of a confirmation than a new date.

Get excited?: I don’t particularly love Sony’s Android devices, but Sprint’s LTE devices are always interesting to watch.

Apple’s HDTV features Siri, FaceTime, and AirPlay

Source: Cult of Mac, citing a source who had seen the device and wanted to remain “strictly anonymous,” without any credentials or position noted. Huh.

Details: Apple’s actual TV unit resembles a very large Cinema Display, with a FaceTime camera built in, and the ability to recognize commands through a Siri-style interface. It would accept music and video streaming from iOS devices through AirPlay, but that’s a given for any Apple device now.

Get excited?: I bet Apple’s TV will look very nice, and interact well with an iPad or iPhone. But it simply must do something else, because an Apple TV set-top unit could take Siri commands, and Face Time for televisions doesn’t seem all that exciting just yet.

Verizon’s preference for Androids, Windows Phones, anything but iPhones tested

Source: CNET News

Details: Chris Matyszczyk went to a Verizon store to test the recent revelations that Verizon very much prefers to push customers on Androids, Windows Phone devices, and anything but the iPhone, whether because of subsidies or because of its need to grow its 4G LTE network base. His experience bore this belief out, with an ironic twist.

Get excited?: You might, but I don’t think Apple is actually sweating this matter. People are buying Verizon iPhones at Apple Stores, and Apple’s entire iPhone experience is meant to make the choice of carrier almost as much of a switch-able variable as the memory capacity.

Top image and thumbnail via Cult of Mac.

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