You are what you Google

Lord help you once the Internet thinks it knows what you want

Credit: Phil Johnson

I’m 42 years old and there is no shortage of evidence that I’m aging quickly. My diminished hearing, my need for reading specs and my newfound fondness for cardigan sweaters all point to a serious case of “middle agedness.” Between these things and my kids (“Hey, look at Dad’s bald spot!”) I don’t need any more reminders that AARP membership isn’t far off.

Now, in addition to the ample signs of my advancing age, the Internet is all of a sudden rubbing salt in the wound. Recently, I noticed that many of the web sites that I was visiting had something in common:


ITworld/Phil Johnson

See a theme here? That’s right, the Internet has determined that I am prime candidate for a Jitterbug phone! Now, it’s true I do get up more often at night to go number one, but I can still work my iPhone just fine. I’m not yet ready for the bare bones, big numbered cell phone with a panic button on the back to use in case I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

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