You are what you Google

Lord help you once the Internet thinks it knows what you want

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But the web clearly thinks I am.


ITworld/Phil Johnson

But, really, how exactly did the Internet come to this conclusion about me? What is it about my surfing habits that set off alarm bells in the marketing department at Jitterbug HQ? It didn’t quite make sense.

Then I remembered: a couple of weeks back when I was writing a piece about the Apple Maps debacle, in which I mention Jitterbug, I Googled it, just to check that it still existed. That was it; one quick search and, seemingly, I will forever pay the price. It’s a good reminder that Big Brother - er, Big Advertising - is constantly watching.

But what can I do about it? Well, there are, as I see it, three viable options:

1. Reenable the Adblock extension in my browser - I disabled that at some point for reasons I can’t recall. See? My memory is fading, too.

2. Enable Do Not Track in my browsers - Although this may not really solve the problem.

3. Start Googling stuff that younger folks search for - Um, like what? Dating sites? My wife may not appreciate that.

In any case, I’d better do something fast, before the ‘net starts serving up ads for Depends.

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