Everything that's wrong with GoDaddy, in pictures

The reasons to stay away from GoDaddy are manifold

I don't usually like to rant on companies, but GoDaddy is truly one of the most despisable around. Even looking past the cringe-worthy, sleazy commercials and the company's support of SOPA, the domain name registrar and website host is just bad at what it does. There's visual proof.

Software architect and Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt takes us on the visual journey comparing GoDaddy to DNSimple.

It takes eight screens just to get to the point where you can create a GoDaddy profile, compared to the one setup screen on DNSimple. You're only allowed to use five specific symbols in your password. The login connection is also not secure:

GoDaddy security

Furthermore, only US members can use two-factor authentication. You will be sold every step of the way to buy more stuff you don't need.

And, finally, there's the gross, insulting advertising.

Danica GoDaddy

Troy's post is worth a look, in case you're with GoDaddy or ever thought about using them. 

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