Celebrating Venn diagrams: A few funny and geeky diagrams

Google's doodle of the day is very entertaining. Here are a few more if you just can't get enough

Google's homepage doodle today, in honor of the 180th birthday of John Venn, creator of the Venn diagram, is, in a word, awesome. Hit play to interact with the doodle and see all the clever combinations. 

Venn diagrams, if you don't remember from school, show the correlation(s) between distinct items. To take two examples from Google: Vegetation + Cone-shaped = Pine tree. Musical + Thrives in cold = Ice cream truck.

Venn diagrams helps us visualize data in often surprising, clever ways. Yet they're also very logical. (I took my daughter, when she was in PreK, to a chidren's museum once where they had a computer game of Venn diagram puzzles. Without having been taught how these diagrams worked, she was sorting animals into the right circles and solving the puzzles. That was eye-opening.) 

Here's a diagram about data science, posted on iPython.org:

data science Venn diagram

An apt one from Dave Hoffman on Flickr:

privacy and internet Venn diagram

A Venn diagram about hipsters, care of The Meta Picture:

hipster Venn diagram

And perhaps my favorite Venn diagram [source unknown]:

breakfast Venn diagram

Head to Google.com for more Venn fun (or, if you're reading this after August 4, 2014, Google's Doodles page).

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