Learn all the Gmail shortcuts in one handy infographic

Gmail offers many keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your email work. Learn the most important ones here.

Google has baked into Gmail several keyboard shortcuts to help you ditch the mouse and keep your fingers on the keyboard (one of the best ways to save time and boost your productivity). This cheat sheet lists some of the most useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts so you can quickly archive messages, delete them, and jump around Gmail with just a few keystrokes.

There are other ways to view and learn all the keyboard shortcuts:

  • In Gmail, hit ? to get an overlay of all possible shortcuts.
  • Download the Chrome browser extension Key Rocket for Gmail to be reminded of shortcuts as you use Gmail.
  • Use ShortcutFoo to train yourself to learn keyboard shortcuts for Gmail as well as several other programs.

For a quick reference sheet you could print out or save to your desktop, here's the infographic, which comes courtesy of internet marketing site Just Ask Kim. (Right-click the image to save)

Gmail shortcut poster
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