Tech leaders behaving badly

While it’s unusual for tech leaders to get into trouble with the law it’s not unheard of

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Mark Zuckerberg

mark_zuckerberg-290x218.jpgREUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

You thought the world’s best-known hoodie-wearer’s greatest crime was his invasion of your privacy? Well, that may still be, since, he’s never actually been arrested for anything. However, in 2010 Pakistan launched a criminal investigation of the Zuck (along with Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes) for committing blasphemy because a Facebook user in Germany created a “Draw Muhammad” contest on the site. While nothing came of it (aside from Facebook being temporarily banned in Pakistan), if arrested and convicted he could have faced the death penalty

While, no doubt, many of us wouldn’t mind seeing him get a good spanking for all of the privacy-related headaches he’s caused, it’s hard to wish the death penalty on or hold this one against him.

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