Explaining Steven Sinofsky's resignation from Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky has left Microsoft. If you find yourself saying “Why” or, more importantly, “Wait - who?” then read on as we explain it so even your mom can understand

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What happened?

Thanksgiving is just one week away and that can only mean one thing: awkward and sometimes unpleasant conversations with family members (but, hey, over turkey and pie, at least!). This year, consider avoiding such hot-button topics as politics, sports and reasons why you never visit mom and stick to something more neutral - like this week’s departure of Steven Sinofsky from Microsoft.

Worried that mom (or grandma or Uncle Charlie) won’t have a clue what or whom you’re talking about? Well, here’s a quick Q&A to break it all down into simple terms for the older crowd.

Hopefully this will make the conversation around the turkey less stressful. Unfortunately, it won’t do anything for mom’s lumpy gravy.


Who is Steven Sinofsky and why should I care about him?

He was a longtime Microsoft employee who spent the past three years as the president of the Windows Division.

So he’s a window maker?

Not those kind of windows. Windows software, the operating system that’s still used on the vast majority of desktop and laptop computers around the world. 

Was he any good at his job?

Well, he took over Windows after the disaster that was Windows Vista and oversaw the development of the last few major releases of Windows, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The former was a hit, and the latter is getting OK-to-good reviews.

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