Explaining Steven Sinofsky's resignation from Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky has left Microsoft. If you find yourself saying “Why” or, more importantly, “Wait - who?” then read on as we explain it so even your mom can understand

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Who’s taking over for him?

Two internal people are being promoted to handle his duties: Julie Larson-Green, who was a lead engineer on Windows 7, will take over the engineering of Windows, while CFO Tami Reller will now handle the business side.

phil_jackson-290x400.jpgREUTERS/Mario Anzuoni
Was the Zen Master Microsoft's first choice?

Is it true their first choice was Phil Jackson?

No, mom, you’re thinking of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Does his departure hurt Microsoft?

In the short run, yes. Microsoft stock took a big hit in the wake of this news, dropping 4% the next day, which translated to losing $10 billion from its market capitalization.

What does Bill Gates think of all this?

Supposedly, he took Steve Ballmer’s side; but, he’s mostly retired from the day-to-day operation of Microsoft these days and is busy hanging out with Bono and reinventing the toilet.

Can Bill Gates fix my toilet that won’t stop running?

No. He’s not involved at that level.

What does Sinofsky do next?

Who knows? Maybe he’ll move to Apple, since two of their executives recently left.

Wait - what’s that all about?

That’s a complicated story for another day.

Makes sense? Now, please pass the lumpy - er, I mean delightful! - gravy.

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