Study: Cell phone uses increasing; what about for making calls?

New Pew survey finds that people increasingly use their cell phones for all sorts of things, but what about actually making phone calls?

The iPhone is the single greatest device to ever come into my life. I use it all day long, and I’d use all night too if my body didn’t demand a few hours of sleep. Whether it’s taking pictures, checking Facebook, listening to podcasts or looking up the amount of carbohydrates in food I use it for more and more things, seemingly, every day. All I need now is one of those cases that have a bottle opener built in and I can die happy.

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A new Pew study of cell phone use released this week finds that, not surprisingly, this is the case for just about everybody. People are using their cell and smartphones for more and more things, other than just making calls. As the trends over time show, use of cell phones for a whole variety of activities, from texting to checking bank balances, continues to grow over time. Taking pictures continues to be the number one non-calling activity, with 82% of cell phone owners reporting that they’ve done it. More than half (56%) of cell phone users now use their phones to access the internet, more than double the number that did so just three years ago.

The study also broke down use by demographics. They found that men and women were roughly equal in the number and type of non-call activities for which they used their phones. However, they also found that younger adults, more educated people, and those with higher incomes were more likely to use their cell phones for several different types of activities.

Interesting findings, for sure. However, I’d be more interested in finding out how often people actually used their cell phones for, you know, making a phone call. I know, even for an old fart like me, it’s one of the things I use my phone for the least. With all of the other activities available on your cell phone, not to mention all of the non-cellular call ways of communicating with people (text, email, FaceTime), are people making fewer phone calls with their cell phones?

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