My holiday tech wish list... for 1982

Need to get a gift for a 40-something geek? How about one of 1982’s newest tech gadgets?

All I want for Christmas is some 30 year-old stuff

After watching two guys writing code on a vintage Commodore 64 last week, I started getting a little nostalgic for the year 1982, when the C-64 came out and I was 12. Since we're also in the middle of the holiday shopping season it got me to thinking: if it were 1982 again, what new tech gadgets from that year would I want? Even better, what new tech gadgets from 1982 would I want for a present this year, which I could probably still get thanks to the wonder of eBay?

Here, then, is my wish list of the tech products that came out in 1982, and what it would cost to buy them in 2012 (in the case where there were multiple listing on eBay for an item, I just picked one at random; your mileage may vary).

commodore64-290x218.jpgflickr/Marcin Wichary

1.  Commodore 64

Original price in 1982: $595 (price in today’s dollars: $1,365)

Currently available on eBay for: $32

I had a Commodore 64 back in the day (and prior to that a VIC-20). For the life of me, though, I can’t recall much of what I did with it, although I do recollect playing Monopoly on it at one point. All the same, seeing one live in person again, watching someone write BASIC on it and hearing the sound of the keyboard brought back some of the few happy memories from my middle school years. I’m not sure what I’d do with it today, but I still have a 13” black and white TV that’d sure look sweet with this baby hooked up to it.

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