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I spend a lot of time talking about gaming consoles on this blog, but I thought this week I'd change it up and offer something for the PC gamers out there.

geforce-experience.jpgSource: Nvidia
GeForce Experience

Yesterday Nvidia started accepting applications for the closed beta of their "GeForce Experience" program. This is a program that is supposed to help you choose the optimal graphics settings for your game. (Assuming I'm understanding everything correctly) you run a program that looks at your hardware and the game you want to play, then consults a database back at Nvidia HQ to determine just how much graphical goodness your rig can handle without impacting performance. The software then tweaks your settings automatically.

As an added bonus, GeForce Experience will also keep your drivers up to date. If this sounds interesting (and you have an Nivida card in your gaming rig) check out the site for more details and to sign up for beta.

Reading about the GeForce Experience reminded me that I never blogged about the Razer Game Booster. This is another tool designed to help you get the most of out your gaming rig, but Razer goes about it in a much different way. When you launch a game using the Razer Game Booster the software first shuts down other running programs or services that may be using up precious system resources. When you exit the game, RGB restarts these programs. If you don't agree with what Razer wants to shut down you can adjust its settings.

Razer Game Booster is also supposed to be able to organize your files so that games launch faster (sounds like a fancy way of saying it'll defrag your drive), tweak your OS to improve performance and help keep your drivers up to date. It also has a video and screenshot capture component.

Razer Game Booster is in beta but as far as I can tell the beta is open and anyone can download it and give it a try. Razer Game Booster is free.

I have a Radeon card so the GeForce Experience is off the table for me, but I'm tempted to try out the Razer Game Booster. I'm just a little wary as I am running Windows 8. If you give either of these utilities a try, I'd love to hear how they work out for you!

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