Netflix ranks US ISP connection speeds.

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Some days I just want to share something and don't have much to add. Today is one of those days. Netflix has a new hobby: posting monthly rankings of major ISPs in terms of how fast their connection to Netflix's servers are.

It's an interesting idea and Netflix is one of the few companies that can aggregate this much data under 'real world' conditions. They say their 30 million subscribers stream one billion hours of Netflix content per month and they're monitoring connection speeds the entire time.

Google Fiber comes out on top, surprising exactly no one, but where are the gigabit speeds Google has promised? Well the downside of Netflix doing the reporting is that they cap out how fast they're going to be delivering data. HD content from Netflix comes down the pipe at a maximum of 4,800 bps and SD content is of course much lower than that. Presumably if every Netflix subscriber on Google Fiber exclusively watched HD content the speed rating would be higher.

Anyway, you can probably draw your own conclusions as well as I can, but here's the chart for November. I used to be a FiOS customer until I moved out of the FiOS coverage area and I have to admit I'm feeling a little glum after seeing TWC coming in at $7.


US ISP rankings for November

Source: Netflix

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