What’s the freakin’ deal with all these LinkedIn endorsements?

I'll endorse you if you endorse me. But do LinkedIn endorsements have any value at all?

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Bobbie Carlton, principal of Carlton PR & Marketing, said she’d been pondering this question for a while and finally decided that endorsements are a kind of litmus test that tells you what other people think you do for a living.

“It’s like a word association game – ‘Say the first thing that comes to mind when I say someone's name’," she says. “I have to believe endorsements will eventually serve a higher purpose; if I am looking for someone with a specific skill, the people with the most endorsements might rise to the top.”

Of course, that’s also somewhat dependent on which skills LinkedIn offers you the chance to endorse, and how promiscuous you are with your own endorsements. For me, what rises to the top is Blogging, which gets twice as many endorsements as Editing and Journalism, and five times as many as Writing. That’s the reverse of how I’d describe myself, but it might be how I look to the world at large.

My name is Dan Tynan, and I endorsed this blog post. Honestly.

What’s your take on LinkedIn endorsements? Weigh in below or ping me on Twitter.

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