Samsung begins Galaxy S IV hype with YouTube videos

Meet Jeremy, who gets to guard a secret box

Samsung today began to ramp up the hype for its March 14 event in New York City for what is expected to be the new Galaxy SIV smartphone (or S4, depending on what site you're reading).


The company posted a new video featuring "Jeremy Maxwell", a young boy who is tasked with guarding a secret inside a box (supposedly the smartphone in question). Unlike the company's previous videos, which mocked Apple fans waiting in line for "the next big thing", these ads seem to disregard that strategy and just go for straight-up humor.

Stay tuned to the SAMSUNGmobile YouTube channel, as I'm sure that we'll have more of Jeremy's adventures before the big unveiling.

It's interesting to note that some people on the InterWebs seem annoyed by this video, claiming that they should show more of the phone or device - but I disagree. These types of videos are done to help generate interest in the event - Samsung would never show the device in a video before their big launch. So in that case, enjoy a funny teaser to help remind everyone that something is coming in 10 days.

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