How Sesame Street got 1 billion views on YouTube

Channel becomes first non-profit to reach big milestone

A few weeks ago, the Sesame Street YouTube channel posted a video asking for help to reach 1 billion total video views for its channel - and yesterday they achieved it.


As promised, the channel posted a special celebration video, featuring Count Von Count (aka The Count), who does a special song where he "counts" each view.

The channel becomes the first non-profit group to achieve this milestone, and did so by posting only 1,374 videos. This averages 728,677 views per video (as of this morning), a pretty impressive total.

Of course, not every video gets that - the channel benefited from some very big hits - including celebrity videos by Adam Sandler (18.6 million views), Bruno Mars (11.9 million views), (23.6 million views) and Ricky Gervais (8.6 million views)

Not surprising, the most popular video just features Elmo singing "Elmo's Song", which was the theme to the Elmo's World segment on Sesame Street for the past few years. At 87 million views, it surpasses the second-most popular video, in which Elmo sings the alphabet with India Arie (65 million views).

Here's the video in which Elmo sings his song with Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus:

With more than 528,000 subscribers to the channel, Sesame Street can get their videos to go viral almost instantly after they upload one, another fantastic feat. The combination of celebrity videos, good educational content for kids (and parents) and good humor, it likely won't be long before the channel hits 2 billion total views.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Sesame Street YouTube channel? What's your favorite video from them?

Sadly, my favorite video from Sesame Street is not on their official YouTube channel, but you can still watch it on YouTube. It's when Kermit is directing a version of the musical "Oklahoma", and the star, Forgetful Jones, keeps singing the wrong word (using other vowels instead of the O). Watch and enjoy:

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