Dad hacks Donkey Kong so daughter can rescue Mario

Who says male plumbers get to have all the fun?

A video sweeping the Internets this morning is "Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition", courtesy of YouTuber Mike Mika.


According to Mika, his 3-year-old daughter asked him whether she could play Donkey Kong "as the girl and save Mario." Because she's played as the princess in other games (Super Mario Bros. 2, for example), she "naturally just assumed she could do the same in Donkey Kong."

Mika took this as a challenge, and was able to hack the ROM of the 2010 NES Donkey Kong game, replacing Mario with Pauline. The result is pure awesome - not just as an interesting hack, but for dads and video-game-playing daughters everywhere. Kudos, sir!

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