Learn just about anything online with this collection of free learning resources

No excuses!

Credit: cooper.gary/Flickr

No Excuse List features just one page with a whole lot of links. But the site makes for a great landing page to learn about all sorts of topics from some of the best online resources. Categories include general academics, music, programming, languages, cooking, and more.

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Curated by a fellow named Xuan Li, No Excuse List links to free courses available from places like MIT and Stanford, as well as sites where you can learn in a less formal manner (i.e., browsing): Wiki-How and TED Talks, for example.

There are no detailed descriptions or ranking for these online resources, but if you hover your mouse pointer over the link, you'll get a brief description in the link's alt text.

If you've wondered "where can I learn X?" this might be a great place to start or bookmark: No Excuse List

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