The reality of Facebook Graph Search

Parody video highlights the truth of Facebook's new search tool

Earlier this week Facebook announced its Graph Search functionality, which provides search results based on the user's "social graph". For example, if a bunch of your friends have "liked" a specific restaurant, then searching for "a good restaurant that my friends have liked" will pull up better results.

Here's what my typical Graph Search results will look like

That said, most of us here in the office immediately jumped to the conclusion that most people will likely use this to stalk their friends or other strangers. Imagine if you were working for a big company and you wanted to find out who was single, or, better yet, who had listed "It's Complicated" as their relationship status. It could get creepy pretty quickly.

[How your Facebook privacy settings impact Graph Search and Don't let the creepy close-ups of Mark Zuckerberg distract you]

YouTuber Tom Scott has also thought about this, and he's created a quick parody video of Facebook's own video touting Graph Search. Enjoy:

Here's Facebook's original video:

I think the success of this will depend on how much more information Facebook's users wants to give up to the company in order to be advertised to (the ultimate goal, of course, for Facebook). Like Scott's video, the number of my friends who "enjoy hiking" is minimal, yet the number of friends that post moronic photos or share stuff from George Takei is gigantic.

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