Explaining the Kim Dotcom/Megaupload case

Confused about all the fuss around Kim Dotcom and Megaupload? Wondering what it’s all about? Let us explain it so even mom will understand

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Wait - did you say this was in New Zealand or California?

Good one, mom. Anyway, as a result, the New Zealand Prime Minister has had to apologize to him and he’s been allowed to be free on bail and to sell some of his assets to pay his legal and living expenses.

What kind of assets did he sell?

Five of his Mercedes and a Rolls Royce, among other things.

kim_dotcom2-290x400.jpgREUTERS/Nigel Marple
Sorry, ladies - he's taken

Five mercedes?! Did you say he was married? Is he available and does he like older women?

Sorry, mom. He’s married.

Dang. When do you think he’ll be sent to the U.S. for trial?

Who knows. The way the case is going, he may never be sent here.

What about Megauptake and all of the files they were hosting?

Mom, please, it’s Megaupload. Since it’s been shut down all of its data, all 1,103 servers and 28 petabytes worth, are being held by while all of the legal stuff gets worked out.

What about people who used the service to share files legally?

For now, they’re out of luck. They can’t access whatever data they had on the site. However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has gone to court to try and force the government to let users not violating copyright laws retrieve their data.

Is the Electronic Frontier Foundation related to Star Trek? 


Have they had any luck?

Not yet.

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