Explaining the Kim Dotcom/Megaupload case

Confused about all the fuss around Kim Dotcom and Megaupload? Wondering what it’s all about? Let us explain it so even mom will understand

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kim_dotcom_mega-290x400.jpgREUTERS/Nigel Marple
Kim Dotcom launches Mega. What could go wrong?

Assuming he doesn’t go to prison, what’s next for Mr. Dotbomb?

Dotcom, mom. I’m not sure, although, this week, on the one year anniversary of his arrest, he launched a new file-sharing site, named Mega.

Is he allowed to do that and couldn’t he come up with a more original name?

Probably not, since he promised to not take part in a file sharing business as part of his bail agreement. However, he claims he can since it’s a new business which now encrypts the data before it’s stored on Mega’s servers so they have no way knowing if copyrighted material is being shared.

Are people using it?

So far, yes, at least 500,000 users have registered with the site, although their servers are having trouble keeping up with the load. Also, Gabon won’t let them use the me.ga domain.

Good for the Gabonese, er Gabonites! I think I saw that place on House Hunters International once. Well, this new services sounds awfully similar to the business that got Mr Dotcloud in trouble in the first place, Megauptown.

Mom, for the last time, his name is Dotcom and the business was Megaupload. Why don’t we just leave it at that for now? I’ll let you know when there’s more news on this.

Please do - and do you think I could download a copy of The Graduate from this new Mega site? That young Dustin Hoffman was the bombdiggity.

Maybe, mom. I gotta go.

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