Is there a Nerd Culture War going on?

Backlash from "cool nerds" taking over hits the Web

In last week's Portlandia, there was a parody public-service announcement talking about "real nerds" vs. fake nerds, highlighting some of the issues that the "nerd community" is currently facing.


Whether popularized by the current #1 TV show, "The Big Bang Theory", or seen on the Internet from folks like Chris Hardwick (of The Nerdist) or Felicia Day of The Guild, geek/nerd culture has gone pretty mainstream. But this always has some folks bothered, as witnessed by the Portlandia sketch, which features a guy who says that a sexy girl who sees "The Avengers" in its second week is not a nerd - that "a real nerd is ashamed to be called a nerd."

It's definitely sparking some debate amongst people who identify with the "nerd" label. I grew up in the '70s and '80s, and being a nerd was not something that you wore as a badge of honor in those days - you got picked on a lot, and you definitely didn't parade around in costumes all day long. You definitely weren't "sexy" by any stretch of the imagination.

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I think this is what has a lot of people bothered today - are we better off now with mainstream geeks discussing "nerdy" things, in the hopes that we'll be allowed into their club? I have a feeling that the "cool nerds" would certainly exclude the more bizarre types within the community - while there's always talk of "inclusion" within any group, we all know that we'd ostracize those who were really out there.

Maybe that's why a backlash seems to be starting - those of us who went through a lot of pain and suffering at the hands of the "cool kids" are annoyed that those cool kids are "embracing" a lot of the things that we used to escape to - comic books, fantasy novels/movies, video games, etc.

I mean, why can't the "sexy nerds" just be sexy and go back to the way they were before, looking down on us?

Are you a self-proclaimed nerd, and find this annoying, or are you happy that things that you enjoy are finally being mentioned as mainstream entertainment? Let me know in the comments.

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