Microsoft pitches Gen-Y with '90s nostalgia video

Marketing Internet Explorer to the millenials

Microsoft today posted a new video ad aimed at Generation Y - basically people who were kids during the '90s (your definition may vary, but let's say people between the ages of 18-28).


The video features toys, clothes and other reminders of the swinging '90s, such as Tamagotchi toys, Hungry Hungry Hippos (although I played that game in the '70s, Microsoft...), and 56K modems. The punchline of this for Microsoft "You grew up, so did we", basically asking Gen-Yers to take another look at Internet Explorer.

This video is part of Microsoft's campaign for Internet Explorer called "The Browser You Loved to Hate", which aims to try and get people who have publicly (or not-so-publicly) abandoned the browser in favor of others (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

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I think it's interesting that they're targeting a specific generation - personally, I'd love to see one that targets my generation (Generation X, the "slackers"), although knowing us we'd likely just snark on it some more or come up with some other sarcastic response. Because that's what we do.

Maybe the millenials will be more forgiving.

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