Mice that didn't make the cut

The inventor of the computer mouse, Doug Engelbart, turns 88 today. Here are some mouse prototypes that never saw the light of day

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dual_sensor_mouse-290x218.jpgImage credit: Logitech

A mouse with two sensors that could rotate and zoom at the same time

Reason for rejection: “Way ahead of its time.” A preview of the Magic Mouse, perhaps?

mouse_laser_pointer-290x218.jpgImage credit: Logitech

A mouse with an integrated laser pointer

Reason for rejection: Not given, but coming up with a laser pointer that was bigger and clunkier than normal laser pointers seems like an obviously bad idea.

air_cooled_mouse-290x218.jpgImage credit: Logitech

A mouse with a built-in air tunnel to cool sweaty hands

Reason for rejection: “A bit too niche!”

How many people sweat that much? Seriously, if you’re working up a load of palm sweat updating a spreadsheet, it might be time to cut way back on the cheese fries and Coke and get some exercise. Well, actually, it can't be that niche because somebody else has now come out with a similar mouse. Hey, Logitech, you may want to revisit this one!

No matter what kind of mouse you use these days, I think we can all agree that Doug Engelbart deserves a hearty “Happy Birthday!” from all of us affected by his invention - especially doctors who specialize in carpal tunnel surgeries.

Do you have a favorite mouse? Do you even use a mouse anymore? Please share your computer mouse-related thoughts in the comments.

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