Use any Android calendar you want with a great widget

Here's how to switch out Google's pedestrian Calendar app for stylish alternatives, and access them from your home screen.

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I really like Google Calendar. I feel like a key moment in becoming an adult was when I started putting social and professional obligations on Google Calendar, instead of blurting out “Oh, sure, yeah” and rushing to hang up the phone. But for whatever reason, the look of Google Calendar on Android phones, and certain quirks of its interface, doesn’t agree with me. So I went looking for alternatives.

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Google Calendar seems harder to replace on an Android device than, say, a keyboard, or even your entire home screen and launcher. Not because Android won’t let you and other apps on the phone regard a new app as the main calendar. It’s because the calendar alternatives on Android are not that appealing. I could see myself maybe digging aCalendar for its robust features, but it seems a bit too busy for me. Nice to have multiple widget styles and sizes, but adding events and reading details is the main use of a calendar, and aCalendar doesn’t quite fit the bill for me.

No, my calendar of choice is Agenda, for its crisp look, its typography-forward interface, and its calm face. I know, I know. Yet Agenda lacks for a calendar widget. What’s a discerning appointment nerd to do?

Simple Calendar Widget, that’s what said nerd does. It’s a resizeable, customizable, and text-focused widget, with transparency and support for multiple calendars, from more sources than just Google. Simple Calendar can also show tasks from your Google tasks or Astrid, and it offers a widget for the lock screen on Android 4.2 and above. But more than anything, it can launch any application when you tap on it, calendar or otherwise. That makes Simple Calendar a perfect widget for picky calendar people like me, and maybe you.

Do you have an alternate calendar and widget setup you prefer to Android’s stock app? Tell us about it in the comments, or ping me on Twitter or the Google+ post for this, uh, post.

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