7 frustrating things about being a programmer

Like any other job, programming has its frustrating aspects. Here are seven things that drove me nuts

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Storing code in the database - I got my start as a PL/SQL programmer, writing stored procedures and triggers and such, and I kind of liked it. I also understand the need for it sometimes but the further along I went, the less I wanted to put code in the database; it made code debugging and maintenance a royal pain. It’s hard to beat running the good old find command when you’re trying to track down the source of an error message, not to mention being able to review file revision histories and such.

Overly zealous Scrum Masters - Agile came into my life later in my coding career and, for the most part, I liked it. But one thing I didn’t like, Scrum Masters who made the Nazis look easy going. Does it really matter who moves the yellow sticky note to the “In Progress” column of the Scrum board? Will the project come crashing down if I sit (or lean on a table) during a stand up? Take it easy, fella.

People ignoring documentation - Part of my job as a developer was to write documentation, sometimes technical docs for other developers and sometimes end user documentation. It was written and made available to you for a reason; please at least take a spin through it before coming to me and asking me to explain from scratch how something works.

Tabs/indents set to anything other than four characters - This was my own personal preference. Four characters just looked right when reading code; anything else looked wrong and made me want to fix it.

Project managers ignoring or understating time estimates to complete a task or project - If you don’t like the time estimate I’ve given you for how long it will take to build or code something, let’s talk about it. Don’t simply ignore it or cut in half and proceed with your timeline planning. I didn’t pull the estimate out of thin air; it’s based on my experience and some careful thought.

I’m sure I’m leaving something out. It’s been a few years since I was in the coding trenches and I’ve probably repressed a few particularly frustrating memories.

Are you a programmer? What do you find most frustrating about the job? Please share in the comments.

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