Why Ouya will outlive your Tegra 3 tablet, and what you'll be playing on it

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I realize I'm in danger of being labeled an Ouya fanboy at this point. I don't deny I'm pretty excited to see how this $100 Android-powered gaming console pans out, and when I'm excited about a new product I tend to talk about it a lot.

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So I had to share a few more Ouya related items with you. First is this post at Engadget that talks about how much Ouya loves Nvidia and vice-versa. Hey, it's Valentine's Day, what better day to spread the love!? Anyway one detail that caught my eye:

"...NVIDIA is helping the company to max out its Tegra 3 processor for use on a console rather than a mobile (no battery dependency means the little chip can go much further than usual)."

One of the ongoing concerns I hear about the Ouya is that it's based on a Tegra 3 processor and the Tegra 4 is right around the corner. Does this mean the Ouya is obsolete before it even ships? This idea that the Ouya will out-perform battery-based Tegra 3 devices gives us some hope that the Ouya Mk 1 (remember they'll be doing annual updates) might hang in there for a bit longer than that Tegra 3 tablet you're using. Ouya will be nothing without content, so what're we going to be playing when the device ships? As far as I'm aware, there is no official 'launch list' yet, and I suspect choice will be a little thin for Kickstarter backers when their Ouyas arrive in March. But yesterday I was made aware of this huge (and unofficial), list of games that are supposed to be in development for the console. If even half of these games ship in the first year of the Ouya's life, it'll have a pretty extensive library of titles. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the list but if you click through the titles you'll get an idea of where the info is coming from, and it doesn't seem to be pure pie-in-the-sky speculation. By the way, this isn't a new list. It was started last July and is being constantly updated. Thanks to Android Authority for bringing it to my attention. And if that list of games isn't enough, there's more. A while back Kill Screen and Ouya ran a game jam/competition called Create. They got over 150 entries, and now they've posted a list of finalists in various categories. This cuts the list down to a more manageable size; something you might want to browse through. If you click through the links you can watch a quick video demo of the game in question being played. Do keep in mind that you're looking at prototypes, most of which were created in 10 days or less. Again, there's nothing official saying all these games will launch on Ouya but it'd be surprising if they didn't, right? Why enter a contest, make it to the finals, then abandon your entry? Anyway, I'm still pretty jazzed about getting my Ouya. Has anyone else out there pre-ordered theirs? Read more of Peter Smith's TechnoFile blog and follow the latest IT news at ITworld. Follow Peter on Twitter at @pasmith. For the latest IT news, analysis and how-tos, follow ITworld on Twitter and Facebook.

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