Videos flood YouTube after Russian meteor strike

Dashboard cameras and cell phone video capture the moment as it happens

When I first heard the news of a meteorite hitting the Earth in a Russian town, I thought, "Oh crap, the scientists were wrong about that asteroid." But they keep insisting that it's a different object falling from space, and if it was THE asteroid, there'd be a lot more damage.


Still, the footage that we're seeing on YouTube is pretty amazing, proving once again that when almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, you can capture a lot more footage when things like this happen. Welcome to the modern world.

[Good news! The odds are slim that you'll be killed by an asteroid or comet and NASA posts another animation of asteroid that won't hit us]

This video, which records the explosion and some of the glass breaking in nearby buildings, already has 1.5 million page views today:

Here are some videos based on news reports from ITN News and their Truthloader channel (they pointed out one major error from a Russian TV station):

Leave it to TV news anchors to freak out (or try to make jokes) - here's Russia Today:

Head on over to the Daily Dot as well, they've rounded up some additional videos too. Looking for more? Just type in "Russian meteor" on YouTube to get a whole bunch of additional footage.

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