Science Tuesday #1: What is the Universe?

MinutePhysics begins series explaining mysteries of the universe

OK, fans of physics - strap yourself in for a bunch of animated videos describing some of the biggest mysteries of the universe.


Henry Reich, aka MinutePhysics on YouTube, has posted the first of a series of videos that aims to tackle some of the biggest questions of the universe. First up, this description of what we mean when we try to define "Universe" - is it everything that exists now, or does it also include everything that's already happened and everything that will happen in the future? Also, what about parallel universes? Yep, it's in this first video.

Additional videos in this series include trying to determine the size of the universe, an in-depth look at the "multiverse", explaining more about the Big Bang (the event, not the TV show), and how old the universe is. Stay tuned!

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