Taiwan animators sum up Sony's PS4 launch perfectly

When something needs to be mercilessly mocked, leave it to these animators

After slogging through last night's Sony PlayStation 4 "launch event", in which the company announced a product that it didn't really show (they showed a controller, but not the console itself), announce a price or release date, I felt a bit dismayed and frustrated.


Sure, there were some specs and new features announced (read Peter Smith's blog for some of those details), and there was a bunch of game trailers announced as well. But for the most part, it felt like Sony was just trying to get its news out before Microsoft, which is expected to announce the Xbox 360 successor in a few months.

While Sony itself has produced a bunch of different videos, my favorite video so far is from the reliable Next Media Animation, which wraps up the PS4 event by showing gamers playing games on the toilet, in the car (while hitting pedestrians), and causing throngs of consumer to run right past the Sony Store to wait in line for the next Samsung smartphone.

In case you hand't seen some of the official Sony videos that launched at the event, here you go:

This is mainly a promo video that was at the event:

In this video, there's a lot of discussion with game developers about how awesome the PS4 is, even though we don't know what the console will look like:

Game trailer: DriveClub

Game trailer: inFAMOUS: Second Son

Game trailer: Deep Down

Game trailer: The Witness

Game trailer: Killzone: Shadow Fall

Game trailer: Knack

Did you watch the event? Were you happy? Surprised? Disappointed? Will you get one sometime later this year? Let me know in the comments.

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