When is the best time of day to write code?

Musicians and vampires usually do their best work after the sun goes down. But does that also apply to programmers?

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Me, I’m a morning guy. Back when I was programming for a living, I liked to knuckle down and code earlier in the day, before too many other unforeseen headaches, meetings or demands would pop up. Also, I generally didn’t want to be coding in the evenings or night, so I could watch my shows and hit the sack early. Aside from the morning, though, I did always find a few other good times of day to code, such as:

  • During any meeting which I wasn’t running For some reason, I got some of my best work done (coding and otherwise) at a conference room table while others were droning on endlessly.

  • When my kids were being crazy While I usually didn’t like coding while at home (once remote access became an option), it always looked a lot more appealing when a child was melting down (or a poopy diaper needed changing). “Sweetie, I’m under deadline here; I’ll need to squirrel away in the office and get this done. Sorry!”

  • During a big sporting event that my team was involved in I love football and hockey, and I love it even more when one of my teams is playing in a big game. But the stress can sometimes make it hard to watch, so I would find working on some code, while keeping an eye on the game, a good way to keep my blood pressure at safe levels. It also helped me keep the game-related cursing around the kids to a minimum.

But that’s just me. What about you? What time of day do you get your best coding done? Early in the morning, late at night, or some other time of day? Let us know in the comments.

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