Guy invents robot to separate Oreo cookies

Viral video or Oreo-sponsored hoax? You decide

Up-front warning: This is likely an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the marketing folks at Oreo, since this video is on their YouTube channel. Keep that in mind when you're reading this:

I didn't realize this, but apparently there are people in the world who like Oreo cookies, but only the creme filling or the chocolate cookie part (not me, I love both equally, especially with cold milk).


But this guy - physicist David Neevel - dislikes the creme filling so much that he created a machine that can separate the creme from the chocolate cookie. Never mind that you could get the same result from opening a cookie and using a knife to get rid of the creme, but maybe his machine does a better job of it. Anyway, watch the video and enjoy this advance in technology.

What's also interesting is that this is a "part 1" video, which means there could be more coming. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this could just be an elaborate marketing gimmick. Still, it's entertaining to think that someone would go to these lengths to separate the creme from the cookie.

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