The Weekly Hash - March 15, 2013

The only review of the week’s top tech stories you’ll read that will include Google, the Pope and Larry King all together

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drone-525x395.jpgImage credit: REUTERS/Pascal Lauener
Finally, a solution to patent trolls?

Representatives of several large technology companies asked Congress on Thursday to crack down on patent trolls. They encouraged Congress to discourage patent trolls either through legislation or drone strikes.

Twitter will now allow you to put line breaks within tweets. Experts say this will give a huge boost to the poorly-written haiku industry.

NASA announced this week that the Curiosity rover had used a drill and chemical analysis to find evidence that Mars could have once supported life. Wait, no, I'm sorry - not Mars, they were talking about Larry King.

Google has agreed to pay $7 million for the unauthorized collection of personal data over Wi-Fi networks. Google will just go ahead and deposit that money directly into the personal accounts of the people affected, since they have all of that information.

The number of people following Burger King’s Twitter account have more than doubled since its account was hacked last month. They said their number of Twitter followers is going up faster than their customers’ cholesterol.

Have a great weekend and try not to get too loaded on green beer on Sunday!

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