What if Calvin and Hobbes were animated?

Animator takes old strip and adds motion to create cool-looking video

The comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes" is one of the best comic strips ever - I will fight anyone on this - and also a star on the Internet (as well as on the back windows of cars through those bootleg stickers you've likely seen before).


One thing it never became (some would say thankfully) was an animated cartoon. While strips like Peanuts and Garfield did animated specials (Peanuts seemed to make the transition quite well, while Garfield, well, let's just say not so much), we never got any animation from C&H. Until now.

Thanks to YouTube, check out this very unofficial Calvin & Hobbes animation. Done more as an experiment by animator Adam Brown with one of the original strips, it's so good that I wouldn't be surprised if someone attempted to do more of these (of course, getting strip creator Bill Watterson to sign off would be a big hill to climb).

Thankfully, there's no voices in this - I think most C&H fans would agree that hearing their voices would likely ruin the experience (and, as stated in this Wikipedia article, Watterson would likely agree).

What do you think of this? Should Brown make more? Should an official series get made? Of course, if not, there's always Tumblr.

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