Friday Fun: William Shatner takes on the Gorn (again)

Video game promo features original Kirk and original Gorn

As part of the promotion for the new Star Trek video game (which comes out April 23), William Shatner has appeared in this very funny video, facing off against one of his old enemies.


In the game, a redesigned Gorn takes on the younger Captain Kirk from the most recent incarnation of the Star Trek universe - the game serves as a bridge between the 2009 movie and the sequel, "Star Trek Into Darkness", which comes out May 17.

After appearing during the Oscars, it seems that Shatner has no qualms reprising his Star Trek identity. In addition, at age 82, Shatner still seems quite fit for the role, as well as mocking it at the same time. Another fine performance, I must say.

The video game looks pretty cool too.

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