Star Wars Uncut: Empire Strikes Back trailer hits the InterWeb

The ultimate crowdsourced project returns with Episode V sneak peek

Star Wars Uncut, a very cool project where fans re-created the original Star Wars movie by splitting up the entire movie into 15-second clips, has released a trailer for its latest project, re-creating The Empire Strikes Back.


The trailer shows the imagination and creativity of Star Wars fans - the cool part about this project is that creators don't have to do a complete shot-for-shot remake as part of their 15-second clip, as long as they get close to it so all of these clips can be stitched together later.

There's more good news - there are still clips available for fans to claim and make their own. You need to claim them by May 1, so time is running out, but certainly this gives you a chance to become part of this very cool project if you have a good idea.

If you need more inspiration, watch the original here.

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