Grab a year of unlimited backup from CrashPlan for free (and save $60 to $100)

CrashPlan is one of the best services for unlimited online backup, which makes this freebie hard to pass up

Ugh. Backups. Everyone needs them, but everyone also hates having to think about them. CrashPlan makes backing up all of your files dead simple: It automatically and continuously creates online backups of your personal data, with no storage limits. Even better, you can get a full year of unlimited backup for free.

CrashPlan has two offers: Unlimited backup of one computer for $0 (normally $59.99) or unlimited backup of up to 10 computers for $50 (normally $149.99). The offers are specifically for Carbonite users to switch to CrashPlan, but any email address should unlock the offers.

I pay for CrashPlan's unlimited backup service for all my computers and enjoy the peace of mind it offers. Some of the reasons why I chose CrashPlan over other backup services include: unlimited storage, automatic backups of all file types, backups of external drives (including NAS mapped as drive letters), multiple locations to back up to (e.g., other computers or external drives as well as online), and Mac and Windows compatibility. Because CrashPlan also keeps deleted files forever, you can even use it to back up files you archive (remove from your computer). CrashPlan is more resource intensive than some of the other online backup services I've tried, but it has more overall benefits.

Plus, the price is right. (Even when the free year expires, $5 a month for unlimited backup or $12.50 a month for up to 10 computers, is still a very good deal.) Here's the link to the offer.

And now you can stop thinking (worrying) about backing up all your important files.

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