Geek weapons: Guy builds Minecraft Diamond Sword

Creating a real sword out of blocky pixels is quite cool

For the most part, the weapons created by Tony Swatton on his YouTube show "Man at Arms" (on the AweMeChannel) have been based in reality, even if they were seen on fantasy TV shows or within video games. While the Key Blade doesn't officially exist, it's still based on some kind of real sword (the handle, blade, etc., look like they could be real).


That's a bit different with his latest video project, re-creating the Diamond Sword from the Minecraft video game. Clearly, nobody in real life would be carrying around a sword this blocky, would they? Let's watch the video to see how Swatton was able to create a real-life Diamond Sword.

Once again, my favorite parts are when the guys go behind the shop and start destroying things with the weapon they made. Whooo!

Here's a bonus video for Minecraft fans - the AweMEChannel also posted this time-lapse video of chalk artist Chris Carlson drawing a 3D chalk version of the Diamond Sword.

Minecraft fans, how did they do with these videos?

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